The thought with which we go to bed and the thought with which we get up

There are things that we do not get rid of easily, because our head is full of thoughts, the worst and worst thoughts with which we wake up and lie down and fall … And sink. As if we are not guilty … We feel sorry for ourselves and see no way out. And we collect bad thoughts, as a treasure we keep in our heads and do not get rid of. We live trapped by the past, with no steps forward. Destroyed.

… Forget the ugly parts, the books you’ve already read, with the ending you know in advance. Forget that you were bitten by those who did not dare, as you forgave and pointed your finger at your reflection in the mirror. You felt guilty, corrected your mistakes, ran away and returned to the crime scene, only to be wounded again and imagine happy for a single word. When you overcome yourself indecisively and leave, out of due respect for yourself, you will know well how the sunset can evoke an indescribable feeling of calm. You have the right to love. Who can take away your personal right ?! Look for it! Indulge … You are not someone’s destiny. Nor is your destiny tied to people hurting you, intentionally or accidentally. Turn around and go to meet the new dawn.

The moon guarded the star

I will tell you, once a story about the Moon, which protected its star and the Sun that gives life to the earth … I will tell you, once a story about the man who wounded man and cut him down, on the way of life, on the rise, knocked him down to the floor , with hatred and arrogant betrayal, and rose above him. I will tell you the story of a butterfly, which lived only one day, happy, flew over a world full of gray and met love … I will tell you, once a story, about an invisible soul, which hurts when the mind suffers, because it does not accept defeat or loss and strikes a place where the heart forks and destroys your body to pieces and then you are not even alive for yourself, let alone for people …

Let’s find our place among people

In another’s world, under another’s sky, where you know no one, every crumb seems to you like salvation from hunger, every outstretched hand as if born! Every word as consolation. Lost, we get lost even more in a fake smile and warm eyes and then we don’t see the difference between the door that stands closed to you and the one open from the heart on the other side of the tunnel. No light is eternal. Nor is darkness the only color. There are those people of mine, good people, who both cheer my heart with colors. I have my own color for each of them. It’s a huge spectrum when you paint it into people. Love comes and goes. And when the light goes out in a dark tunnel, another one, perhaps stronger, worth fighting, will appear, without searching! And then it happens … It was once in a big city, on the banks of the Seine!

Everything goes in a circle.

You know, there are clues in life
which can never disappear,
nothing can erase them,
… not even oblivion …
So I run to meet the storm,
not caring about what I will lose, but the same
I want to keep
what I can’t have,
what does not exist … And I know that there is no beginning or end, no good or evil, no happiness or misfortune … We exist in a circle, in a labyrinth, where there is no way out … Well, then what is there ? Volatility, uncertainty, waiting .. Small fists and big desires … Sometimes all the coldness of this world screams in me,
and again I wonder, where is the heat? I have run all my circles in life … The present is not a life dream … People leave for no real reason, they come back, pat on the shoulder, Human inhumanity and selfish mockery in vain. No one will be the first to start being a good man. To fight man for man … Love alternates for illusions, illusions for sadness, friendships seep, new faces come … And everything goes in a circle.

And finally

… There is no bad time, which the living man has not overcome, nor bad faces, which he has not erased …


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  1. Tamara says:

    really good thinking, support.
    eagerly awaiting other texts…

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