A SMILE IS MY VICTORYSmile, joy, sadness, defeat and victory!

A smile is stronger than sadness!

I always smile, I look forward to everything,

   To every warm river, to every tender flower.

   To each hand extended, I give both hands,

   There is enough joy for everyone in this world!

   Where there’s a cloud, I draw a rainbow,

   And I laugh out loud, so that heaven can hear me,

   Because, so many smiles, always bring down sadness,

   There are those little things, I see happiness is there.

   But also, it hurts my soul

   From this world, which swallows living people,

   Then my heart betrayed me and my mind did not listen

   Everything hurts, so many are surprised.

   How easily I can laugh at everything

   How can everything hurt me so easily?!

   In the hour of joy, I give joy,

   Or the soul suffers, until the whole thing burns.

   Little things are a miracle.


The world offers us a million smiles

It is no longer important what we wanted to say

   And is it permanent or fleeting?

   At that moment, we know how much bigger we are

   And if we are just a shadow waiting.

   It doesn’t matter anymore what is hidden there

   Behind that truth, which is kept silent,

   The lie served became only,

   Permanently wrapped in some bad shine.

   We accept the game and live like it

   As if a miracle will bring back our days,

   We suffered in vain and very easily,

   We can heal all our wounds.

   This world offers us a million smiles

   A million joys around every corner

   Don’t chain your soul and be nobody,

   Don’t be a woman, someone who mocks.


Don’t chain your soul

It’s a small back, it’s a weak spine to bear the burden of this crazy world.
So be careful, what you’re going to do for free,
Somewhere in silence, some sacred time.
Hope will emerge, joy will be born.
Where grief has signed its own.
False brilliance will be weakness in that moment,
You will wake up the sleeping ones, all my dreams.
And then you will say, I’m just kidding.
This is not the life I want to live
Neither to love you, nor to pity you,
Nor are you what I admire.
Then you will break my thin spine
And a tired back, from living through hell,
Caught at the last straw then,
You will break your soul as if it were made of glass.
But I am a phoenix with a bent back,
It always rises, from the ashes of heaven,
I will tell you, loudly raised eyebrows,
What you already know, but it hits you in the heart!!!


Happiness at your fingertips????

And when I break away, when I smile at a warm look, in passing, through the mass of people I meet every day, I will live peacefully. The sunset is felt and leaves a mark on the walls of the suffering soul, until it realizes that every sunset gave birth to a new sun. That’s why I breathe deeply! That’s why I leave! I believe that there are words that do not hurt, because words have power… A hug has power! So curl up in warm arms and feel safe. A kiss is all tender love… So fall, break into pieces, but get up. Clean your knees and move on. Just keep going… Happiness is within your reach! And it springs only from us and our choices!



 A smile is my victory

Some people cannot verbally express their emotions. Write them down. Paper endures everything. And tears and laughter and joy and sadness. These are just some parts of my books

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