God is omnipotent, God is always with us, God is in us, if we believe and help ourselves! We will understand then, God is in us!

Excerpt from the book “Don’t touch my mom”

– God, you are powerful… God, have mercy on me a sinner and save me… My son will find me powerless in the hands of an arrogant giant. But the tear is the queen… The tear is the most powerful water force I know… And the rain that merges with it cannot wash away the trail of water from the eye to the lips. Where, for God’s sake, do dreams of red roses and happiness break? Dreams, which we did not realize! We didn’t change the world. The world was changing us…

My beret fell beside me. My gaze froze on her for a few seconds. My hands were shaking as if they were broken. I got up, slowly, looking for light, because it seemed to me that everything was black… Dear God, everything was black… That night, I covered my eyes with my hands, wanting firmly to go through the mirror again , into the land of wonder and the blue rabbit , not to be afraid of the djinn, who raises his lead hand only as a sign of kindness, without harming his body, who does not have the ugliest face in the world, but a gentle voice that calms… That night, I wanted to stay in that wonderland, where the stars transformed into all the heavenly saints, who with their voices soothe a tired body and a torn soul, because they listen to a silent prayer… And the voice of a boy who breaks a mirror with his hands and lets out a cry… Don’t touch my mom, don’t touch my mom. ..

Life must go on!

…I found myself, in a motionless view through the glass, of an already known place, without blinking, nailed to the people walking down the street… in that second of my life, the whole film unfolded through my gaze, dull, concrete, undefined… .where does the humanity of certain people disappear, where does it disappear, all the effort and investment and sacrifice in something that wasn’t even worth it… I’m not afraid of those withered flowers and spilled ashes, but the thought made my head heavy, that I want to let out a sick cry and for everyone to hear me, but… instead of that animal cry, from human inhumanity, I just uttered: “Life must go on.”
For a long time I was tormented by the awareness that no woman should suffer any kind of violence. Why don’t you scream silently, it hurts more than screaming out loud? You just have to fight against it… But you have to find a way…

We must find our other half

And that’s why I’ll tell you: Let’s protect that little light…from storms…from the wind…from those who don’t know what the word “HEART” means…from those who look down when they talk to you about love …whose hand is cold… Let’s guard our hearts and share its warmth,, with those who love us … and there are many who need us and how much they need us… We must not make eternal sacrifices of women. We must find our other half, our other self, not by getting into relationships without meaning, schemes and combinations without obligations. We never know how we will fare. Enchanted, we enchant each other, we fly, we fall, we settle in someone’s heart and then we break up. To pieces We suffer and suffer. We’ve been getting together for months. But let’s get together. Let this story be a bad example of a wrong choice to save your life. Let no woman wait for tomorrow to change. The devil crouches in the corner and waits for you to come along and destroy you.

You will be happy when you live life according to your own standards. Free!

I don’t have a single new feature to characterize me as a significantly different person or a better person. I don’t even have a new starting point, but I’m aware that I suffered a fall with consequences and got up. I was both hungry and thirsty. But I persevered. I came back to your life in another form. I still stumble over the human heart, I still look for the good in every human being. I still believe that love will save the world. And if I met the ugliest face, experienced it, felt it on my own skin. I still believe in fairy tales. I’m just a lot more careful now. Point your finger at yourself, at your reflection in the mirror. Curse your reflection. Do not touch someone else’s. And you will be happy when you live life according to your own standards. Free!

And finally…

The night that changed my life remained deep inside me to live, as God’s punishment. The night I died, watching the tiny hands that break the mirror and let out a cry… The night when I flew to the heavenly saints and came back to push away the big giant and save the innocent heart of the boy, the little guardian angel, who cried a river of tears to the sky and let a cry to God. Don’t touch my mom…

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