Just the moment when the sun pours its golden colors and awakens memories of October.


What do you even know what October means to me?!

Do you know what golden colors spill under your feet and you step on them, and I collect them?!

Do you not feel the wind, which does not break the branches and does not scatter your sighs in vain, and if it is a clear day, do you feel the rain, on heavy eyelids, lowered.

lost battles,

The day is still bright, but we walk with our eyes closed

From looking too much at the Sun

Do you see the rainbow behind the clouds or are your colors blurred, like mine.

The eyes are not afraid of anything,

Eyes see only gold

Somewhere halfway between wakefulness and sleep

Between illusion and life

There is a golden beauty

Which only comes when it’s October

And tomorrow I’m leaving, to at least revive

An unfulfilled dream of happiness!

I leave without saying a word

And the whirlwind smeared my golden color on the canvas of life, torn from the branches!

,,A whisper from the suburbs of Paris,,


In a stormy night,

trought a burst of pain

In a silent room as dark as a cloud

Thesoul is naked with it  self

It gets rained on and  washes away the trail

No prayer floats onthe lips

It is interrupted by a bright

light through the night

When the lightning flashes,

the pain squeezes,

and the sky says the dawn will come.

Life passes with a painful storm.

and the past defies the dawn

He will put a padlock on a tired soul!

But the defeated universe will exstend it’s hand

At the crack of  dawn when the trains leave

And the sun beat the stormy night

a new life is born in an instant!

Defeated by the storm,he gains power!

Defeat by the storm he gains power!

Defeat and victory face to face

Trought the stormy night to the dawn and Sun

Sadness turns it self into happiness

and brought the fight to a climax.

At the crack of dawn of  life,

And the color of the sky is light blue!

The sun is the only true jury

at dawn defeat is victory

with every morning,hope is born

Fears disappear,sadness is pale

And the ship of life sails again!

I kiss you on the  forehead

I kiss you on the forehead, I can’t say it in words

how much sadness will burn me,

while you wait for me to come back.

You feel that I follow you with my thoughts

And when I sail like the moon across the river,

into the distance, into the dawn…in the morning!

I live for our tomorrow.

I see your eyes in every star.

And I know you’re here every night

to follow me through clear nights.

But the morning will come…

The thought of a madman will tire my body

to long and wait but also to wait.

There you are…

And that’s why I kiss you on the forehead, because you’re inside me

and beyond me in space.

You are everywhere.

In every happiness and turmoil.

You love me and I love you.

And I kiss you on the forehead,

like a fragile branch caressed by the wind

because I know you don’t want to leave even a meter

because you love me, like Dante Laura

and you have me like a cocoon

on the left side of the chest!

And that’s why I kiss you on the forehead,

because I will be whole

it belongs to you!

Nights in Paris

Imagine a wish and wander away with it
On someone’s pillow and quietly breathe
Wake up the dreams of someone who has just fallen asleep
It’s night in Paris, touch your soul with desire.
I feel the smell of the study, the wind blows the hay,
The reflection from the top of the Eiffel is reflected in it
An upbeat piano plays her song
And everything in that place is in that desire!
It’s night in Paris and a million nights
It’s the same as this cold and cold one
And the same night will come to me again
In which my desire for distance is hungry…

Paris my love

A completely silent whisper from my Parisian suburb!

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