Sometimes life writes novels! Share defeats, victories, tears and smiles with people

Find the meaning of life in the beauty that the world offers you

And there was nothing left. Everything that was ugly was buried, as if it had never happened to me personally. I regained confidence and faith in myself. Only sometimes, when I pass through the wild streets of the city of Paris, I run into some victim in the passage, I try to give them strength and continue on. Further through only my life. Observing other people from the side, I understand that you cannot help anyone with advice, criticism, or warning. Everyone tailors himself and chooses whether and how much he will suffer, if he has to, if he can… Everyone has to fight for his own life. As long as there are fears, self-confidence is lost, one falls deeper and life turns into dust.
Let’s respect ourselves first, no one has the right to desecrate our body and psychologically destroy us and hit us where our fears grow, where our pain grows. Where you are begging, just to stop, nothing more. Just to stop

I believe that love will save the world

I don’t have a single new feature to characterize me as a significantly different person or a better person. I don’t even have a new starting point, but I am aware that I suffered a fall with consequences and got up. I was both hungry and thirsty. But I persevered. I came back to your life in another form. I still stumble over the human heart, I still look for the good in every human being. I still believe that love will save the world. And if I met the ugliest face, experienced it, felt it on my own skin. I still believe in fairy tales. I’m just a lot more careful now. Point your finger at yourself, at your reflection in the mirror. Curse your reflection. Do not touch someone else’s. And you will be happy when you live life according to your own standards. Free

Get out of the hole with good people

I lived the life of a mummy for months. She put her brain and body together piece by piece. I didn’t see people, as they pass by me and stare at me strangely. For months, I lined up the people I love and who suffered with me. The faces I left behind in Serbia, the people I desperately wanted to hug. I had a strong need to talk to them while looking into their eyes, to tell them all how much I love them, how much I miss them. I walked among all those strange people who passed by me, I was looking for my faces, my people, where remained the heart, in the country of Serbia. I tried desperately to see my old mother and to hug her and cry like a child, in her lap, where I only felt safe, to return to the time of carefree childhood, before I got up from her arms and tore myself away among evil people, to fight like Lion. Where I fell, to correct my mistakes. I met Arabs, blacks, Pakistanis, there are no my faces anywhere… And then, I realized… There are new people, new eyes, new hugs, I love these faces too. I love and I’m happy, because they stayed with me there, in the place where I completely broke into pieces. Completely destroyed and assembled with them

Dont touch my mom!

The night that changed my life remained deep inside me to live, as God’s punishment. The night I died, watching the tiny hands that break the mirror and let out a cry… The night when I flew to the saints of heaven and came back to push away the big giant and save the innocent heart of the boy, the little guardian angel, who cried a river of tears to the sky and let a cry to God. Don’t touch my mom…

Hand to hand, heart to he heart!

Sometimes we choose our own path and we cannot blame anyone for falling into the abyss, for making the wrong choice. We appreciate the people who still stayed with us, because sometimes we turn our backs on the people who care about our lives

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