Teach me, life
to be a fighter
to leap the unthinkable,
To remember only the best,
To forget the bitter taste in my mouth!
Teach me, life
yes every tear
once dry,
that the moon is a wanderer through the night,
but that the Sun comes at dawn
teach me life
I’m afraid of the basic steps…
Because I hit obstacles,
Where the falls are.
Where the wounds are!
teach me life
to recognize faces under masks
To find a love in which there are no lies and deceptions
Teach me, life!




You think you know me, but you don’t know that I died twice and that I came back to life through a dense mass of unloving people, with bent backs… and felt that strange taste of freedom and peace… You think you know the real me, but you don’t guessed how much the restlessness hurt me to the point of weakness and what pressure I felt in the place where my heart was pounding while my soul was bleeding until the river flowed from my eye, cleared the way and made a mouth… Where it poured in, swallowed by bitterness, it cleansed the pain … You think you know me, but you don’t know how emotional and romantic I am, that you could draw a smile on me with one red rose… And that’s why… Don’t touch my freedom, if you don’t want to stay here and not deprive me of my peace if you leave… Maybe I would die again, and I finally feel alive in my freedom… If you wake up my love and leave… you broke both me and my freedom!


…I will tell you then, that I am no longer broken and that I have put myself together with the last puzzle of life, scattered in a box without touch, without words and hugs. Wandering through the dark corridors, with a soul made of glass, which breaks into thousands of small pieces, while hitting obstacles and feeling the cuts of the blade, like living wounds, somewhere near the Seine, at the end of the tunnel, I saw a strange light… Only my light! And I realize that I was already hungry and thirsty and naked and barefoot… Sick and alone! You can’t do anything to me anymore, because I walked, stretching out my hands to my light. To my only light!


When you feel that you need to change something, then go to Paris.
Hide under that sky and wait!
Drag the tired suitcases of sorrow with you
and throw it into the muddy river.
Visualize the size of yourself by looking at the height of such a sky.
Overcome the fears and pent-up pains and bad people that happened on that road and on the old runway from where we raised our wings and left. Because everything becomes dust, easily blown away by the winds. And that’s why go to Paris, crawl into Parc Montsouris and give yourself a rosy dream of happiness. At least for a moment. And kick the dust of sadness and despair, let it echo through the dark night, find yourself and people like you and you will see that happiness comes out at dawn, which shines on you. And you will know that you were born again, somewhere in a big city, close to the Great River.



When you want to leave, then you have to leave and don’t look back. Walk, run, crawl on the dusty and muddy road, but don’t stop. Go, because it was not in vain that the cloud obscured your Sun and spilled the rain because of someone’s carelessness, to be a river that flows, and not a rose that never withers. Return to the nest, where you flew from, and find the peace and warmth of your own heaven! You belong there.



Redmi Note 10T


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