У ходницима сећања постоје трагови који нас врте у круг.

 Не везуј своју душу. Буди свој или нико!


You know, in life there are clues
that can never disappear,
nothing can erase them,
not even forgetting!
So I run to meet the storm,
not caring about what I will lose, but just the same
i want to keep
what i can’t have
that which does not exist! And I know that there is neither beginning nor end, neither good nor evil, neither happiness nor unhappiness… We exist in a circle, in a labyrinth, where there is no exit or entrance. So what is there then? Impermanence, uncertainty, waiting. Small fists and big wishes… Sometimes all the coldness of this world screams inside me,
and I wonder again, where is the warmth? I have run all my circles in life! The present is not a life’s dream! People leave for no real reason, come back, pat on the back. Human inhumanity and selfish mockery. No one will be the first to start being a good person. To fight man for man! Love is replaced by illusions, illusions by sadness, friendships are lost, new faces come… And everything goes in a circle.


In the corridors of my memory, where I keep my childhood memories, there are too many dark rooms that I don’t want to visit! Even the memory hurts. When they break your wings and you have yet to fly, when they put the stone of fate on your back, without asking if it might be too heavy, when they point a finger at you, those whose palms are dirtier than the dust in which they stand, and you you are just a child who wants to fly, who wants to live in fairy tales and dream the most beautiful dreams! Stolen childhood always leaves a mark in the soul! Simply, something is missing. Maybe it’s just that touch of a hand in your hair, maybe a kiss on the tip of your nose, maybe a hug that says, “I protect you from the cruel world”! And forever remains a mark in the soul of the prematurely matured… Such a childhood only writes its own fairy tales, so that in it sometimes they ran away! I never dreamed of becoming Cinderella. I knew that fairy tale well enough!


When I close my eyes, while all my sufferings are absorbed into the walls of my soul, don’t think that you have defeated me, you haughty saint, because I am speechless and bleary-eyed, stuck on your obstacles, which you selflessly throw at me. I stand up to tell you that you are sending me in vain, who will not love me enough, I will always love! I will pick up all the thorns that I stepped on, because you, you crazy saint, gave me the wrong directions and mocked just one human being, who needs to cry, to clean the same dark walls of the soul and love happily, without fears and dark clouds , who lived a life, fighting in vain…


I wonder, did it make sense to talk on the air, thinking that people will understand you, who don’t hear you at all… Does it make sense to buy waste of time and live in hope, waiting in place and tearing apart only your soul, which is slowly cracking along the seams, on in a place where it barely composed itself… Does silence have a better weight than the poison from other people’s mouths, who don’t even know that they have broken the sphere in which it has been blowing for a long time, when it is shaken just a little… From human inhumanity, pearls they close in shells… Every heart held in the palm of the hand, with the trust of a child, bursts in the games of an adult man! And that’s why catch the air in your lungs and live life! Leave yourself alone!


It is no longer important what we wanted to say

And is it permanent or fleeting?

At that moment, we know how much bigger we are

And if we are just a shadow waiting.

It doesn’t matter anymore what is hidden there

Behind that truth, which is kept silent,

The lie served became only,

Permanently wrapped in some bad shine.

We accept the game and live like it

As if a miracle will bring back our days,

We suffered in vain and very easily,

We can heal all our wounds.

This world offers us a million smiles

A million joys around every corner

Don’t chain your soul and be nobody,

Don’t be a woman, someone who mocks.

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